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  1. Suitcase Fusion has detected an incompatible version of FMCore - Spiceworks
  2. “Error Starting FMCore: Error 50335758” - Suitcase Fusion 8
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Suitcase Fusion has detected an incompatible version of FMCore - Spiceworks

HotKey : Hotkeys to execute scripts. ImageCapture : Scan images from flatbet scanners on Mac. ImagePicker : A panel for iOS to select or take picture. Java : Execute code in java classes.

“Error Starting FMCore: Error 50335758” - Suitcase Fusion 8

JavaScript : Run Javascript without Webviewer. List : Text functions for working with lists. ListDialog : Functions for a dialog to pick items from a list. Math : Math functions.

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Matrix : Matrix functions MatrixDongle : Use and work with matrix dongles. Menu : Functions for Mac to create menus and show them as popup menu.

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Menubar : Functions to modify the FileMaker menu. NetworkInterfaces : Query Network interfaces on Mac. Notification : Send or receive notifications. OCR : Recognize text on images. Path : Convert paths from native to FileMaker and back. Plugin : Central plugin management functions. Preferences : Get or set preferences. PrintDialog : Control the Mac printer dialog. Select printer on Mac. Select printer on Windows.

Process : Query process details. ProgressDialog : Show progress dialog. QuickLook : Query file icons and previews. RegEx : Regular expressions like in Perl. RunTask : Launch applications and command line tools with parameters and query their status. Schedule : Scheduled script calls and sql queries. Screenshot : Create screenshots. SendMail : Create emails and send them. Shell : Functions to run command line tools. Social : Functions to work with social networks on Mac, e.

Twitter and Facebook. SSH : Secure Shell connection to server. System : Global functions affecting the computer system. SystemInfo : Query system information details. This is sad.

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Updated, tried the beta and still no difference at all. I normally always play on 2D but the manager on the front page used to work fine when loading, I have 3-star match engine capability?

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Ever since the Mac update I now have to play on low graphic settings which works fine, but it is awful on the eye and makes the whole experience shocking. I won't play FM sadly until it's fixed, as I have tried multiple different ideas from the beta, to all different match quality from very low to very high, then adjusted bits accordingly. An update would be nice. Jimmy and Neil, please give us an update? All suggested changes in graphics settings has been tried out with no effect. We're still investigating currently and trialing changes internally for a solution.

As you may already be aware, we've worked on a number of different things of which the culmination is available via the public beta as detailed earlier in this thread.

As the OSX update has changed something quite significant we have to be extremely sure any potential changes don't cause problems in other areas of the game or issues on unaffected machines. When we have more information available we'll let you all know. Must say, the public beta has improved on my system no end but its still laggy. Playable but not pleasant. We've rolled out a new version of the Public Beta version with further improvements for the game. Very smooth right now. Only my laptop internal fan keep running always before was just sometimes.

But FM is playable for me. Hi Neil, I have updated to the latest beta and there is a massive improvement but still not quite the same as before the problems with the latest Mojave update in my opinion. General gameplay is pretty perfect from what I can see so far. Clicking between screens and the calendar dropdown when processing between days looks perfectly smooth to me which is great. Scrobbler

Thanks for the reminder. Deleted my Preferences and Caches folders as above yesterday before saving and now on loading up this evening the game crashes after playing the next match. Could there be a connection? The menus and processing is MUCH better than earlier. Thank you for your continued support to fix this issue. I feel it got worse tbh. It looks smoother in the calendar dropdown etc but it takes longer to load each screen inbox, training, etc nothing that important tbh. All that info should be available like is shown via on the 'about my Mac' panel as linked above.

Couldn't get it to work this morning either but working so far after going back to normal from Beta Other than the crashes and the fans going bazooka when the match starts, the menus and everything else is good. What are you doing in game when it crashes? Is it always at exactly the same point or does it seem more random? I see it happen very randomly. Either switching desktops using multiple desktops on Mac , when entering a match in-game, sorting scouted players etc. Seems to be very random.

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I'm getting random crashes too. Twice since the update yesterday, and also since I changed to 'public beta'. Seem to be having the same issue as everyone else, updating to Beta helped with performance. However when I opened FM today there seemed to be a small update and now it is just randomly crashing when in the menus.

The only update was to public beta - or do you mean since the update to the public beta yesterday? Until yesterday I wasn't running the public beta, so I took the advice on here and changed it. Since then I've had two crashes. Apologies if I didn't make that clear. Details on how to do so below:. I haven't had much of a chance to play on the new version of the public beta, but after completing one match with no lagging issues playing on high graphics setting and hitting continue maybe a couple times sorry I don't remember the details the game crashed.

My specs:. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Crashes and Technical Issues Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

Recommended Posts. Posted April Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It works a lot better to me than it did 2 weeks ago.