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L'outil qui répare les sous-titres
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So having the option to edit the subtitle so that it will sync with your movie timeline may be a solution you want to look into.

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Double-click on the subtitles you want to re-sync. At the top left of the edit window, there are number of buttons you can use to re-sync your subtitles.

Everything is now set with KMPlayer. Now you need not stress out from watching movies with delayed subtitles, since you can now re-sync the subtitles on your own, on any specific line or for the whole movie.

How To Solve Subtitle Delay Issue

There are many more options available on KMPlayer which you can explore and find useful. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. MP4, either rename the file to Game of the Thrones s05E10 or search using that string manually. The tool will give you a list of matching subtitles that the search string returns and you can download the one you desire. All the subtitles will then be saved to the MX Player Subtitle folder from where you can select the one you downloaded.

Downloading subtitles is the easy part and you are in luck if the file you downloaded is perfect for the video you are playing. To fix the issue on MX Player, open the subtitle menu and you will get the option to synchronize the subtitles.

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You can also speed up the subtitles from the settings. Adjust the seconds to which you want to sync the subtitles , or if you are not sure about it, tap the increase or decrease button until you get them in sync. Finally in the Subtitles settings, you can choose from some of the basic fonts, change the size, color, and scale it depending on your needs.

MX Player takes complete care of the subtitles while you are watching videos on it. Therefore, next time you are watching a movie or a season on your phone, make sure you do it on MX Player and try out the subtitle feature.