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You would just have to live without your iPhone doing any interaction with iTunes. Oct 16, AM in response to sberman In response to sberman. But basically what your saying is, i can no longer use my iphone 4 with itunes unless i buy the new software? Oct 16, AM. Oct 16, AM in response to codeallen In response to codeallen.

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If your iPhone 4 is on iOS 7, which requires at least iTunes This all makes perfect sense. What and how the communication occurs gets updated from time to time.

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If you update one component, others eventually need updating as well. Oct 16, PM in response to codeallen In response to codeallen. Well, codeallen, you are going to have the same problem, only worse with the iPhone 5. It will most likely come with iOS 7, which requires iTunes With the 4 you can stop upgrading the iOS at If you hurry you can still download iTunes As I understand it, it is the only other version, besides With You have a choice, stick to your guns about not updating your OS some, and have 2 iPhones you can not sync, or upgrade to OS X Your choice, we just don't want to hear any whining.

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We're trying to give you a complete picture of what to expect, which you apparently did not do when you updated the iPhone 4 to Oct 16, PM. Haha i wont be a whiner. Thanks everyone for all the help.

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Yes, moving to OS X Dec 10, PM in response to codeallen In response to codeallen. Dec 10, PM. Dec 10, PM in response to yojose In response to yojose.

Feb 15, AM in response to codeallen In response to codeallen. Alternatively you could use anoother app different than iTunes to sync your phone, such as SyncMate. Feb 15, AM. Only use this installer if you see this alert message from iTunes Download Aug 1, File Size: Download bit Sep 16, File Size: Download Sep 16, File Size: Download Requirements: OS X Download Requirements: Mac OS It's just another example of a native built in app in OS X that under performs. It looks as if this app is no longer being developed.

itunes 11.1.1 download for

A pity, for it was quite acceptable 4 years ago Its most striking proof of neglect is the disrespect of Apple GUI code eg the green dot in the window bar for enlarging the view does not even work. A stain on Apple's image. Like 3. Not being maintained, but v7. I've been using v7. Stay away from v7. I don't think Apple is ever going to fix the broken Software Update in Leopard. It'll remain at sub What the heck Apple? This has been a problem for months!

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Anyone doing a clean install of Leopard could be in for a rather rude awakening, especially if they don't know enough to go hunting for QT 7. Apple is a greedy company The program suck really bad VLC all the way Perian is a free plug-in that works discretely in your system preference pane. It allows Quicktime to play formats which are currently unavailable to play. Keep me updated if you have any queries.

On a clean installed Lion system, I did something that I can't recall with a video file that triggered being prompted to install QuickTime Player 7 similar to what happens with Java. Is that familiar to anyone and do you know what can cause it?

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Sure am glad that I kept QuickTime Player 7. QTPlayer 7. Gee, thanks guys! Everything about quicktime 10 sucks. Its appearance its functionality.

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I'm staying with v7 which works great. I am on Snow Leopard and the principle 2 things I want to do is trim movies accurately and to capture tutorials form the web to view offline. It would be nice if I could also create tutorials, combining text and video but that is not the main reason for upgrading.